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Sunday, February 7, 2016
Hey guys! Game day again......and guess what? Since my teams not going, I'm rooting for Denver! I haven't been able to get the rest of my kits in the store yet (health, family,etc) so when a friend asked me about the Denver kit, I decided to share! So for three days only, you can get the kit for FREE!!!!!!!

Limited TIME FREEBIE!  Goes Away on Wednesday!

Oh and don't forget, my beautiful, talented and amazing  friend Freya has some customization Cheerleader tubes at her store! Check them out! Greyscaled layers to customize!

Get her HERE

Get the kit for free for THREE DAYS! 

Temporary freebie!

Get it HERE

Friday, January 29, 2016
Hey ya'll..... I finished this kit a few weeks ago and just haven't gotten tot he point where I could load it to the store. Because I have YET to finish loading all my kits to Patty's I'm working on it. But I figured I'd give it a few days and let ya'll have it. It will come down sometime Monday Morning (Feb. 1st 2016). From there it will go in the store. I hope it's something ya'll like! 

Please, if you share the POST/DIRECT LINK TO MY BLOG, remind everyone it's a limited time freebie.

Please enjoy! 

Download Expired
Will be in stores by Wednesday!

Friday, January 15, 2016
WOO HOO!  A freebie for you guys! These are CU/PU Full size papers. Made by me totally using a graphics editor program. I hope you enjoy them!


3600x3600 created in 300 dpi and in jpeg format!

You MAY use them in your PU kits!~ PTU & FTU! Please follow TOU!

Don't forget to hit the other stops along the way! Scroll down to find the download and links to the other stops!

Download from DROPBOX -HERE-

Remember, we all live in different places. So if someone doesn't have their portion up yet, remember to check back!

Be sure to check out all of the other stops on this train...


Tuesday, December 15, 2015
It's that time again! blog train rollin' through! Since we've been out of net for the last two or three weeks, I've felt like messing around in PSP more. I wasn't really on the net too much anyway, but now it feels weird to not have it lol. So my hiatus from kit making....I did decide to open PSP to see what I could come up with. Christopher loves green, so I chose green for the added palette on this one! I'm verryyyyyyy slowly coming back to scrapping. I mean I do have one PTU one finished and previewed after weeks and weeks and weeks...but it wont' go up in the store until after I've got net back full time. ty all for your kind words and love! I'm feeling ok at the moment, so just trying to enjoy that. :)

As always, please remember to stop by each stop on the train! We all live in different time zones, so check back if you don't see someone's portion up yet.

Click below the preview to get the download!

Get it from 4Shared  HERE

Get it from Mediafire HERE

Be sure to check out the other stops on this train...


Saturday, November 21, 2015
I hate this. I hate it so much….but I can’t help it. I’m taking a hiatus from scrapping/tagging. This was incredibly hard for me to really look at and decide. I’ve taken short breaks in the past, and have my creativity pick right back up after a week or two. It’s been weeks since I’ve scrapped anything. I have a kit done but have no initiative or want to finish the preview. I really hate that my creativity took a hike right now. I’ve been making kits for 6 years now, and I love it. It’s helped me through some of the hardest moments of my life during that time frame. Tagging too! But, it’s not helping me now. I’m sitting here with tears running down my face because of the decision and how I feel overall. It might seem ridiculous to others, but anyone who really knows me, knows what this means to me. It’s brought me money to help pay bills, give back to the community, and find peace at moments and to have fun. I just am not there this time.

My health has declined a lot in the last year. The last six months alone have been very hard on me. Truth is, not everybody knows the whole story. I’m not ready to spill it all out either. What I will say is, the lack of good stuff I’m able to keep in my body has made it run down a whole lot faster. I’ve got some serious issues and it’s breaking me. Yes, I’m seeing a doctor and new specialists. Yes, I promise I’m doing what I can to take care of myself. For once, I really am! It’s the waiting game that’s getting me. I hate waiting, and I hate the unknown. I’m not used to this you know. I’m not used to not being able to fix something and make it better. I’m not used to not having some control over my life.

Things were getting better then, BAM! The shit hit the fan again. I’m exhausted all the bloody time. I want to sleep but it eludes me. Making adjustments with different medication changes, doesn’t help. I’ve been trying to go the all-natural supplement route for a few of the things, but it’s hard to find the right balance. It figures at the time that I start trying to get healthier, things get worse. I know I’m talking in circles, and I’m sorry.

My kids are dealing with a lot right now. Things are rocky at best some days. My husband is having issues at work and the thought of losing my house hangs over my head constantly. Because if he loses his job or is forced to quit, we’re screwed. I have no family to turn to. Yes a few out of state, but what can they do? My in-laws… HA….that’s a joke. It’s just hard to feel so alone in the world, even though you know you’re loved. I’m battling all of this and more, and I feel like some days, it pushes me farther and farther back. I don’t know how I can continue being strong and push through it. Instead, I’m trying to take it day by day, sometimes, hour by hour.

I know there will be those who understand, and those who won’t. I can promise you this, no matter what, I WILL return to scrapping. Because it is my passion. It’s just misplaced at the moment. I’ll always do my best to answer questions, or to reach out. But right now, it’s the hardest thing I can do. I’ve hurt my friends not meaning to with my lack of communication. I’ve closed myself off in order to deal with things. Even though, I know that is not ok. I don’t know what to say, to truly make anyone understand.

I know, through my faith, it will get better. Things will settle down again and I’ll be able to breathe better. I just wish that time would be quicker. All the doctors’ visits and trips to the hospital are waring me down even faster.

My friends, please try to understand where I’m coming from and know that I do feel horrible about all of it. No matter what, someone will always be hurt by something that happens or decisions made. I want so badly to continue. I know I will be back to it. But right now, I need to reach within and find the person I am and fight like hell against all of this. I’ll never pretend to know what it’s like walking in someone else’s shoes, nor will I say that my life is worse than someone else’s. So please, give me that same respect. I’m not at a good place where I can really explain it all without messing it up royally. Maybe soon, I can.

I’m trying to put myself back into writing it out. Making more posts on my other blog…. “The Ramblings of a NOT So Silent Survivor”. It helps to write and to get it out. Maybe it will help bring me to a better place faster.

I have the best friends, creative team and fans ever. If not for the support of all of them, I’d be worse off. I truly mean that. For anyone that is effected by this in any way, negatively, I apologize. It’s not my intention.

My freebies will stay up, and my PTU items will stay in stores! You can visit my stores on the links on the left sidebar.

For now my friends, I say thank you so much for everything. For the love, prayers, understanding and support. I WILL be back! Even if it’s to just post a random freebie… I’m not leaving forever!

Love always,

Monday, October 26, 2015
I am so sorry to everyone I'm letting down right now. I'll try to explain. for the last year, I've had stomach issues off and on. It would come through like the tummy flu, I'd be ok for awhile, then it would come back. The last four months it's been way more intense. Two weeks ago I was finally able to eat a real meal after a few weeks of just crackers, bread, peanut butter, juice, water. It's really hard to keep up your strength when all goes down the hill. Since then, it's progressed. Adding a bit of stress hasn't helped. Just when I felt things were starting to grab hold and be better, more chaos.

I ended up in the ER at the hospital Friday. I was miserable, crying, drained and in so much pain. I was so dehydrated I couldn't even pee (sorry TMI moment) to give them a sample. The stress I was in, fed the stomach issues so to speak. Tons of tests, tons of fluids, medications to make it all stop for the most stop. TMI moment two..... I have a UTI that also triggered the tummy issues. Not having the right amounts of fluids staying in caused it. So that made me sicker too. I felt like a pin cushion by then too. It wasn't great....I was released home, and I was able to sleep a few hours. I'm ok off and on, but never for more than an hour or so. They expect me to take antibiotics, but I can't keep them in barely. My regular doc? HA! Try booked out until December! I'm trying to work out how to get in to be seen to see if I can get in to get something regularly for the nausea. 

All in all, I feel like utter facking SHIT. In so many ways. I've cried it seems until I've cried it all out. I sleep but with nightmares. I'm in transition from one doc to another for my fibro shit. It's just a lot to take in and on to be honest. I'm a little better today, But for how long? So every day I have to call in to see if there are cancellations. Honestly, I'd be able to handle the most of it if I could get the throwing up to settle back! Jeesh....

I'm so sorry. I know I owe messages/emails back. I need to send out kits and what not. My goal is to be able to sit down later today or tomorrow at the latest and tackle the to do list. It just depends on the many things that will stay away so I can do that. I'm off to jump in the shower and see if that can relieve some of the stiffness in my body from sleeping on one side for hours lol. I really wish we had a damned hot tub or at least a tub with jets! Those stand up ones you see commercials for? I'd LOVE one of those! Ok totally rambling...hmmm maybe I am better? LOL yeah just a bit.....

Please, please be patient with me. I'm trying, I really am. I promise to bring more goodies as soon as I can. 

With all my heart, ramblings and love....

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Hey all! I have another fun freebie for ya'll. I decided to do a paper pack. I know...again? LOL I'm having kit mojo absenteeism I swear! LOL I love the colors in this palette and it's fun. I hope you enjoy these!

10 CU/PU Paper Pack, JPEG format, 3600x3600

You can download it from HERE

Don't forget the rest of the stops! Go snag some goodies!

Don't miss out on all of the other stops on this train...


Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Hey ya'll! A friend mentioned the other day that she was looking for various color palettes for inspiration. I have done a few packs for colors in the last year. So I went and made some!  Please note that the bag pictured in the preview does NOT come with the pack! Just for decoration only.

I hope ya'll enjoy! <3 p="">

Download it HERE

Saturday, October 3, 2015
Happy Saturday my little wicked ones! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and of course, relaxing. I had planned on it myself today. But then realized I had a bumch of things to do. BUT...I'm going to be hiding in PSP for at least part of the time!

I've been into making painted papers for a few months now. I LOVE them! It gives me something to do that is different and fun. They seem to be a hit too! I never finished one of the packs for whatever reason. But I do have the one! I figured I'd give it to ya'll as a surprise freebie. It is full size! 3600x3600 in jpeg format. Commercial use, personal use ok! Let me know if you have any difficulty opening it.

Enjoy my little wicked ones! Much love to ya'll.

Download from 4shared HERE

Friday, September 25, 2015
I made this kit for my lovely and truly dear friend Trish! She's become family to me now and I'm honored to have her in my life. She's amazing! I wanted to make a kit based on the colors she liked and of course dragons!

Lady Dragus is defending her kingdom and set to battle all those who dare to walk along her path! She's beautiful, strong, and loyal!

This kit is uber packed!!!!

15 papers in jpeg and png format 300 dpi

154 unique elements in large tagger size

Two or three elements have been repeated for sake of option, but other than that you have 150 individual items to use in your creations!

This kit is tagger size AND personal use only!

*NOTE: I'm still loading stuff to Treasured Scraps, and soon all will be there! I'll have more goodies loaded over the next two weeks!*

To PURCHASE this or an of my products, go to the side bar on the left and click on one of my stores!

I LOVE YOU MY TRISH! Ty for being there always with your love, guidance and faith in me. I'm forever grateful and humbled by your love. You've been with me nearly the longest, and that means so much more to me. I hope I did this justice for you. It shows the strength and bravery you have. Love you always darling!

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