PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT allow FTU cluster frames to be made with my PU kits. I had to change this due to designers changing their TOU. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Saturday, March 14, 2015

Choo Choo! Train is taking off! FFBT takes off! "Toadally Spring"

Time for the Fantastically Free Blog train to take off! If you'd like to paticipate as a designer or you would like to snag, go to their blog HERE!!!

This months theme was "Toadally Spring

My kit is tagger sized, personal use only! I hope you enjoy! :)

You can get the kit HERE

Get on the Choo Choo train and find these stops for more goodies!

Just a gentle reminder, we all live around the world. Those cause time differences as well, so if you don't see a designers work up yet, then check back! :)

Be sure to check out all of the other great stops on this train...


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Snags featuring Demonique and Addictive Pleasures and Toxic Desirez!

I've made another set for you guys to snag! This one is using the art of Demonique. Like before, I received this tube through a FTU yahoo group that is now defunct. The Deviant Art page I found for this artist is HERE and the kit I used from the collab by Addictive Pleasures and Toxic Desirez called Neon Punk found HERE.

I hope you like these! They're for FB timeline sets. The avatar is 180x180 and the cover is 851x315.

NOTE: These are yours to snag! Click on them to make them larger, and then right click on them and click on, "Save image as".

Do not ALTER in any way, shape or form! You can NOT add names, or elements, no effects, etc. The tag is to stay AS IS!

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New Snags! Featuring Anne Stokes and Gothic Princess, by me!

Hey ya'll! :) I took a small break from working on a kit yesterday and tagged my heart out! :) I was doing some tags for challenges at the Pimpin' Pspers Forum and spoiling a few member of the forum and Pimpin' FB group!

I used a FTU tube by Anne Stokes that I got from a FTU Tubes Group many moons ago. I do believe the group is defunct now. I'm honestly not sure where you can receive the tubes now. However, you can view her work on her site, HERE.

I used one of my FTU kits called, "Gothic Princess" and you can find it on my blog HERE,

Here are your snags!

NOTE: These are yours to snag! Click on them to make them larger, and then right click on them and click on, "Save image as".

Do not ALTER in any way, shape or form! You can NOT add names, or elements, no effects, etc. The tag is to stay AS IS!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

New PTU Kit! "NOM! NOM! NOM!"

Anybody who  knows me well, knows I'm a COOKIE FREAK! I love cookies, of all kinds! That's where the inspiration for this kit came from. I went in a fun and silly direction. It's packed with yummy nummy's and cuteness overload!

20 papers in jpeg and png format 800x800

99 elements in png format + only two elements have been repeated! otherwise, all individule elements!

large tagger size kit and personal use only!

Get it from HERE or HERE

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Snags! "Stupid Cupid" featuring Kiwifire Storm and Honored scraps!

Hi guys! I decided to make a taggie today. Scary I know! LOL

I used a tube by Kiwiwfire Storm, and you can get any of his tubes HERE The one I used is called "Sexy Fishnets"

I also used a kit from my girl Patty called "Stupid Cupid" which fits the tube just right! Check out Patty's blog HERE

And here are your snags! 

NOTE: you are NOT allowed to add names or anything else on these snags!

Please enjoy!

* Click on it to make it bigger than right click and save as to your computer.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

FREEBIE TIME!!!!!! Fantastically Free Blog Train: "Inspired by Victoria Fox" - Dita

Here's another freebie for ya'll! :) I hope you enjoy it. The theme for this month is "Inspired by Victoria Fox"! I love her stuff, it's different and fun. Of course I went with the vintage type tube to match. I've been on a vintage kit for some reason, who knows what the next one will be! 

Here's the inspiration for the kit! This tube DOES NOT go IN the kit! You must purchase it from the store listed below this!

*-* Please note! This tube doesn't show out right nudity, but a fair amount of buns and cleavage. I chose to cover both with ribbons so that it isn't an issue that will effect anyone else unintentionally. Tube DOES NOT come with the bows! This is for the preview only! However, the bows ARE included in the FTU kit you can find below the kit preview.

You can find the tube AND Victoria's work HERE You will need to have a valid The PSP Project license in order to use this artists work, or any artist that is currently side with them. You can email them for a requested license number.

Get the tagger size kit HERE 

*Please note that all of the designers on the Fantastically Free Blog Train received approval from management at The PSP Project to not only name our kits after the artist and tube, but to also post a preview of the tube that was used as inspiration*

Remember,we all live in different time zones, so if a designer hasn't posted their portion yet, go back later and see if it's there!  Remember to leave some love!

Fly by and snag on down the list:


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Monday, February 9, 2015

FTU! FREEBIE ALERT! "Wicked Princess - The kit"

A friend of mine asked me where to link to this kit when she made a tag for me. I had no idea if I posted it as a freebie or if it was just plain retired! I went on a search and found it in the very tiny corner, in the farthest spot of my hard drive. I figured, why not? Here's a freebie for you all! I haven't been as forthcoming with freebies as I usually do. I've just slowed down a lot lol. I hope you all enjoy this very oldie but goodie! :) BTW...this was one of my first kit 5 years ago. I think it was number five in fact! lol

Go run by and see Becca's blog and see all the tuts, snags and more! She's the one who asked about the kit :) Go HERE

Look below the preview for the download link!

Get it HERE

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

New PTU Kit! Romanie Snow - Art of Freya tube match!

Well somehow I found my mojo! :) This is always a good thing. If inished a kit that I started for teh "Romanie Snow" tube by  Freya Langford-Sidebottom! It's gorgeous, AND it has greyscaled layers so you can change the colors as you like. It's really awesome! Make sure to read through, I'll post links to where you can get the goodies!

First up, the tube! Isn't she GORGEOUS?

Check out Freya's fan page HERE
Her fan group HERE
Her website
Her Etsy Shop 

You will need a license number in order to use her work. Just email her per the direction s on the layered tube.

She has some awesome goodies! Both CU and PU! So go look, and shop a little!

Here is the kit! Yes i'ts really big lol...

This kit has a bit of vintage sophsitication to it! With vibrant colors, fun elements, and beautiful flowers! What's not to love? I'm inclduing the color paette for this one too.  Have fun!

20 papers in png and jpeg form
204 Large tagger size elements in png format. All individual, no repeats! Pretty awesome yeah? Get to tagging! :)

I wanted to share a special shout out to some designers that I use their stuff A TON!!!! It's their support that helps me to be able to make such awesome kits! You should stop by their stores, and check it out!

Joanne's Digital Designs - LOVE her work! I own a lot of it lol. She's a sweetheart, and runs awesome sales! Get to her store HERE

Freya!!!! You can check out the links above to find her goodies as well!

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Game Day Freebie! Limited Time Only! "Football Nut: Seattle"

In honor of the big game, I figured I'd give away my "Football Nut: Seattle" kit! I'll leave it up as a freebie until :3:30 P.M. on Tuesday, February 3rd. That way there's plenty of time to snag it up! :) 

This kit btw matches Freya Langford-Sidebottom's "Bianca Cheer" tube! Oh and it also has greyscaled layers so you can change the colors to whatever team colors you like! NFL, college, high school, etc. colors! WOOT!  You can get it from her Etsy shop HERE She has now gone independant, so make sure you check out her TOU (on it's own layer in the PSD file) to update yourself as well as how to request a license number.

Happy Sunday and here's to getting your game on! Cheers! :D 

Get the kit HERE

Get the tube HERE

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

NEW! Razor Seducia PTU Kit! Matching a tube by Freya!

Hi guys! I have a new kit out for ya'll! It matches Freya's "Razor Seducia" tube! It's freaking gorgeous! I matched it for the purple layer. I'll post links below the previews to where to get the kits and the tube! 

The tube can be purchased separately, from Freya's store! You WILL need a license number to use her work!

This kit is full of elements of the dark side! Watch out for Razor Seducia, cross her and you'll pay! She's a little biton the crazy side, but keep your wits about you. This is her domain, and she expects perfection.

This kit is packed full! 135 elements in png format, tagger size. 15 papers in png and jpeg format.
pay to use, personal use only, tagger size.

Get it from : 

Don't forget! Freya also has one of a kind, digitally made CU items! I've used quite a few of her items in this kit. The tower and moon for example, and the lips you see. So worth it! Go check it out!

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